Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Buy Zopiclone UK

Intas Zopiclone what is it? , Is it better of the same as Actavis and Teva Zopiclone sleeping pills?

When did INTAS take over Actavis ,Teva Zopiclone
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, bough the licensing of the brand name sleeping pills of Actavis and Teva. There is Actavis and Teva sleeping pills still out in circulation due to the over production of the Zopiclone sleeping tablet. There for it is still possible to buy online these products however it has nearly been 8 Months since INTAS bought the entire United Kingdoms pharmaceutical licensing of the manufacturing and production of Actavis Zopiclone and Teva Zopiclone.

Henceforth this is why we have INTAS Zopiclone instead of Actavis and Teva. Both Teva and Actavis after a "still" unknown final disclosed sum, at least paid 4 billion for only the United Kingdoms brand "rights". They have most likely paid more since and some sources say it was 4 billion per month. However with "Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd" being so rich and powerful 4 billion is 4 pounds to them.

Basically Intas are as good if not better than Actavisand Teva!

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